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FAQ on a job search in Germany for foreigners

I would require a work visa to relocate. What is the likelihood that a company will sponsor my visa?
Good news - you don't need any sponsorship for the working visa. You will get this automatically, if you have secured a working contract. This, however, means, that you first should persuade a potential employer that you are the best candidate for the job. Make sure your qualifications are higher than those from the local candidates and you know how to sound "convincing" in your CV, cover letter and during the interview.

Homework required: make the market analysis and see what is in demand and how you can help.
I am not in the country and feel that most of my applications were rejected just because of this. Is this common with German companies when it comes to hiring?
If you are not in the country, your application should be much stronger than a local one (because you don't have local experience, which may be required, and it may take longer for you to change the job due to the relocation). The distance as such is not a problem, but may be an obstacle which you should tackle. In order to secure a job from abroad you need more focus on the positioning on the German market and explicit value prop (what exactly you "sell" and to whom (targeted companies).

Homework required: prepare you value proposition and an elevator pitch.
Many jobs require the candidate to speak both German and English. I do not speak German, but I plan to take proper classes in January 2021. Does being fluent in German play a big part in general when it comes to hiring in Germany?
It depends on the job. If an employer wants a candidate to be fluent in German, you can't do anything about that (working in particular areas may require German based on a common sence). However, there are employers whose corporate language is English. OR a particular job can be fulfilled in English only. For you this means that you should focus more on this kind of openings. Don't waste your time and energy on roles where you don't have enough of qualifications (language is one of them).

Homework required: make a list of targeted companies or/and job, where English is the first language.
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