You want to find a job in Germany but don't know where to start

You have submitted 100+ CVs but haven't heard back

You are invited for interviews but don't get any job offers

You believe your work is worth more but can't find a salary estimate online to support it

You are looking for a salary increase but don't know how to negotiate

If one of the above scenarios sounds familiar to you, it's time to book your career consultation now

I will help you choose your career path, create a strong CV and an impactful cover/motivation letter, and prepare you for interviews.

Together we will craft your career strategy for Germany and secure your dream job!
Hi and thanks for visiting My German Job!
My name is Evgeniya Beba-Akulova and I'm a career consultant focusing on helping international professionals find their way in Germany.

Over the past 12 years I have worked in Russia,
Italy, China and Germany
. Every international
move meant not only adjusting to a new country
but also involved a complete change of career path.

I started as a PR and Communications Manager at Microsoft within a high-potential program, moved to Strategic Business Development in the energy sector at Enel and was finally responsible for Business Development at an electrical engineering company in China.

After moving to Germany, I first worked in recruitment, filling positions in Marketing, Sales, Engineering, Business Development and IT.

All these experiences became essential pieces of a complex puzzle, allowing me to see the bigger picture and to evaluate various careers from different points of view.
Having gained valuable experience in real business and recruitment allows me to help you create the perfect application taking into consideration how your CV, Cover letter & a LinkedIn profile would be seen from the other side of the table.

On the other hand, being a foreign candidate in Germany myself, I know exactly how you feel and what obstacles you face during your job search. Combining my expertise from 3 sides, I will help you take your career to the next level. I help people like you landing a job at companies such as Microsoft, Salesforce, BMW, Siemens and more.
Helped 500+ professionals find jobs in Germany

As an experienced recruiter I know what hiring managers look for in a CV and how they make hiring decisions. I will help you create an attractive value-added profile based on your core competence, professional strengths and skills.

Because I know how to help you find your dream job
Knowing the rules of the game

My deep understanding of the ins and outs of the recruitment process and its peculiarities within big international matrix organizations, as well as small and medium businesses in Germany enables me to help you understand what insiders see when they look at your application.

I was in your shoes once

Having arrived in Germany without a job back in 2015, I have succeeded in growing professionally while working for several German companies and have managed to forge a completely new career path.
Professional experience gained working in Russia, Italy, China and Germany

Deep understanding of differences between cultural codes and unique skill set which enables me to build bridges between multicultural employers and employees with diverse cultural backgrounds.

There are no predefined or right answers. You are the only person, who knows what is best for you. My role is to support and guide you using effective coaching and consulting methods, such as knowing the right questions to ask, encouraging you not to give up, keeping you on the right path and focused on your professional goals.

I will show you what recruiters and hiring managers see when they read your resumé. We will find the right structure, form and wording to explain how your professional skill set and achievements make you the most desirable candidate for a company and role.

You will be provided with free CV / resumé / Lebenslauf as well as cover letter templates to create your own stunning application.
Check if you have all the important details in one place. Stop thinking if you didn't forget anything and so you can focus on the really important issues to take your career to the next level!
Will you create/write my CV?
I don't write a CV for you. I explain how the system works and what a recruiter sees in your application. I will show you the insights that a foreign candidate usually doesn't know, being accustomed to a different style and employment policies. Knowing how a German recruiter or a hiring manager ticks, will equip you to create perfectly customized, relevant and goal-oriented documents for each job you apply for, giving you a decisive advantage over your competitors.
I will help you prepare the documents and master the wording to make sure your resumé is outstanding. As a result, you will get not only a ready-to-go CV, but a skill to compel the updated versions.
Will you find a job for me?
I don't look for a job for you. I help you during your search process by creating a strategy which makes YOUR way on the German job market easier. Together we will identify tactics which suit you best, either by creating the perfect application for a desired position, or by building your network within your company of choice to get you closer to the job offer. I will show you how the system works in order for you to be prepared for what is next.
I will support you in identifying the right company / role and the perfect CV and a cover letter.
I will train you for the job interview so you feel more secure and comfortable during your job negotiation. As a result, you will not only find a job but on top of that you will also gain a completely new skill set strengthened by practice with a counter partner.
Should I get my Diploma accredited first?
The answer to this question strongly depends on your area of expertise. As a rule of thumb, professions in which you could potentially harm people (doctors, teachers, engineers, lawyers, etc.) need to seek accreditation of their diplomas. Usually these jobs are within a list of regulated professions. If you are an Economist or a specialist in IT, you may find a job without the official accreditation. You will still need to have documents translated, though. You will find a complete guide to diploma accreditation on the official site of the Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).
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