Find out your chances of finding a job in Germany
Requests my clients have
I want to get a new job. How can I do it?
How do I stop being nervous?
How much can I earn?
How to behave when transitioning to a management position?
How to adapt quickly and easily to a new job?
How to successfully negotiate a salary increase?
How to answer questions during an interview?
How to successfully pass an interview?
How to find a job after a long break or maternity leave?
How to quit a job gracefully?
How to write a resume and cover letter?
What are the best strategies to succeed in job hunting?
All of these questions have one thing in common: there is a right answer. There are proven practices, strategies, and algorithms that guarantee the best results.
In my 5 years of consulting practice, I have helped over 1000 professionals to achieve their dream job, increase their income, and solve their career issues in the most effective way possible.
During our consultation, we will CLARIFY YOUR REQUEST AND ANALYZE THE CURRENT SITUATION. Based on the input data, we will assess how realistic and feasible your goals are, determine timeframe, and find the optimal path to reach them.
If necessary, I will CONDUCT AN AUDIT OF EXISTING MATERIALS: resumes, cover letters, social media accounts (LinkedIn, Xing).
Crafting a career is a SKILL THAT CAN AND SHOULD BE LEARNED. Moreover, you will gain self-confidence, understand your strengths and weaknesses, and learn how to use this knowledge in the future.
I will give you “ homework”, and some tasks I will do together with you. I will TEACH YOU TO UNDERSTAND HOW THE SYSTEM WORKS. Once you understand the system, you will always be able to find a job, increase your salary, and build your own team.
A ready-to-use resume and cover letter that guarantee you an interview.
A compelling social media profile that enhances your professional brand.
The ability to effortlessly pass interviews.
The skills to talk about yourself and your achievements in a way that employers offer you jobs, promotions, and new projects.
The ability to independently create and change your career path, and build your professional trajectory mindfully.
We don't just solve immediate problems. We develop a comprehensive career strategy for you.
A single strategic session
2 hours - 499€
·We will discuss the feasibility of your goals and how to achieve them.
An evaluation of your situation and identification of your strengths and weaknesses.
Recommendations on documents for your job search.
As a result you will have a clear understanding of the big picture and a precise roadmap broken down into small achievable steps.
Full Support Package
26 hours — 4500€
This format involves deep work and thorough examination.
During this period, we will solve all the questions step by step, from profile analysis to job market monitoring, and ending with positioning strategy.
We prepare a complete set of documents: resumes, cover/motivation letters for various positions, a LinkedIn / Xing profiles and networking strategy. We practice real upcoming interviews and offer negotiations.
Essentially, this work format guarantees that you will find a job within 6 months.
We meet once a week for 6 months, and you also receive video lessons, additional materials, and online support for all your questions. At every step, I support and guide you.